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Solatube Daylighting Systems use a proprietary capture-transfer-delivery process to deliver natural light to places that were once thought impossible. Solatube products combine patented technologies with progressive engineering for daylighting that delivers a superior blend of illumination intensity, thermal performance and light consistency. Solatube systems are easy to install, often requiring no structural changes, and are virtually maintenance-free. The fact that they are also energy-efficient, eco-friendly and affordable makes them the ideal choice for any commercial application.

Sky Vault


The groundbreaking SkyVault Series gives you ultimate daylighting control. By mixing and matching components, you can enhance light capture, control the focus and create dynamic designs in large volume spaces with high, open ceilings.

Solar Star


The SolaMaster Series is a versatile line of tubular daylighting devices that captures natural light at the rooftop and transfers it into building interiors where daylighting has rarely been possible.


After we designed our original residential daylighting system, we realized it had great potential for commercial applications like corridors, storage rooms and small offices.


At Solatube International, we intentionally design our daylighting systems using passive optical technology in order to significantly reduce system costs and maintenance.