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Health Care Providers

At UltimateAir we know theres no fix all for patients with respiratory ailments. But as health care providers you want the best for your patient. With over 70% of U.S. households affected by allergies or asthma, clean Indoor Air Quality is an important feature for any home. And you know that clean indoor air is paramount to the health of your patients.

The most effective way to remove triggers is to mechanically ventilate

Simply put, UltimateAir provides the most effective whole-house ventilation and filtration system available today. By installing our patented system, your patients will breathe easier and sleep better because the air they breathe is clean and fresh. Surface dust is dramatically reduced. Because humidity levels are better controlled, mold and mildew is dramatically reduced.

While our system filters pollens and contaminants that enter the home from outdoors, there are many other pollutants that originate indoors. The RecoupAerator filters incoming air with a MERV 12 filter, capturing particles as small as 1 micron, and exhausts harmful chemicals & odors.