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The groundbreaking SkyVault Series gives you ultimate daylighting control. By mixing and matching components, you can enhance light capture, control the focus and create dynamic designs in large volume spaces with high, open ceilings...all with just one system.

  • Delivers more light to meet illumination requirements
  • Provides maximum output with minimum impact on building envelope
  • Can be tailored for specific project needs
  • Reduces installation costs

Color consistency

The SkyVault Series features high Color Temperature Maintenance, or CTM. This means the daylight color remains white and wont shift, offering stable color rendition of the visible light spectrum over the course of the year.

Advanced optics

The SkyVault Series selectively delivers the visible spectrum of light while filtering out damaging infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths. This reduces daytime cooling loads, prevents interior damage, and minimizes glare and shifting light patterns.

Light output

Unrivaled Light Transfer Efficiency, or LTE, enables the SkyVault Series to deliver maximum light throughput. The result is better quality daylight with greater output, so light can travel longer distances without losing intensity.

Thermal efficiency

The SkyVault Series comes with built-in temperature control features. A pre-assembled insulated (R6) and sealed curb cap, Spectralight Infinity material, and optional dual dome all combine to minimize heat gain / heat loss and optimize thermal efficiency.

Design flexibility

The modular SkyVault Series functions using a mix and match concept. Optional components that enhance daylight collection or adjust light focus can be easily attached to the core unit. In this way, any project need can be met with one system.

Affordable sustainability

Using sustainable natural daylight, eco-friendly Solatube products provide energy-efficient lighting that cuts electricity use. This reduces environmental CO2 emissions, minimizes a buildings carbon footprint, and saves money.

Built-in savings

A revolutionary Tab-Lock Connection System with Tube Belts makes it easy to install the SkyVault Series. Without screws or tape, materials and labor are minimized. Nested components and minimal packaging also reduce waste and shipping costs.

Engineered reliability

We engineered the SkyVault Series for easy operation and long life. Sealed, pre-assembled top and bottom assemblies, self-cleaning domes and UV / IR filtering ensure high-quality, high-performance daylight delivery with zero maintenance required.