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The UltimateAir 200DX RecoupAerator

The RecoupAerator leads the air filtration industry with the highest energy recovery, highest filtration at the lowest amount of energy used- two extremely important measures of performance.

RecoupAerator 200DX

The RecoupAerator 200DX is a whole-house Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) that exchanges the stale air of a home with clean fresh air. It provides both ventilation with 96% heat recovery, and air filtration, capturing pollens and mold spores before fresh air is released into the home. This makes the RecoupAerator uniquely suited for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. The RecoupAerator also removes the many contaminants created from inside the home.


Why Choose a RecoupAerator?

The RecoupAerator 200DX is the only whole house air filtration system that addresses every aspect of indoor air temperature, moisture, and pressure. By installing the RecoupAerator, homeowners take a proactive approach to control their indoor environment instead of leaving indoor air quality to chance.

The RecoupAerator controls temperature and humidity in such a way that it keeps mold spores and dust mites from surviving and multiplying. It also features a wide variety of external indoor air quality control devices including EconoCool and frost prevention, making it the smartest unit around.

Industry Leading Features

  • 96 percent heat recovery rate
  • MERV 12 filtration
  • Automatically balances air flow and pressure
  • Seperate Exhaust and ECM Fresh Air fans
  • Year round usage with a WarmFlo Defrost System

Additionally, the RecoupAerator doesnt require continuous mechanical tuning like other systems. If air flow is restricted by dirty filters or even a wasp nest the RecoupAerator automatically increases incoming and leaving air flow to ensure indoor air remains fresh and clean.

The RecoupAerator has been successfully installed in all climates throughout the world with outstanding results.